Homegroups & Triads


If you consider Vineyard Ottawa your “home church”, we invite you to connect into a homegroup! Homegroups are weekly or bi-weekly small/cell groups for adults that meet in a home. The purpose of a small group is to foster a pastoral and “family” environment where we can share our lives in a more intentional way. Every homegroup is different just like every family is different! Most will have an element of worship, prayer, sharing and/or teaching as part of their structure, but some will be entirely unique. (For example: Alpha, youth or senior ladies’ homegroup.) Child care isn’t provided, but some homegroups may choose to involve children in their dynamic.

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Small groups (like homegroups and triads) serve as community building blocks, and can be such an effective way to build a sense of community and friendship together. So, what is a triad exactly? Simply said, a triad is a group of 3 men, or 3 women, who mutually agree to meet every 4–6 weeks, as friends, in a casual and relaxed setting. (Usually around meal at a restaurant, or a home if preferred).

Just like homegroups, being in a triad is entirely optional!

Download a PDF about Triads and Homegroups